Our prayer is that it will serve as a tool to share the mission of Human Life International Kenya, namely to protect, defend and promote human life from the moment of conception until natural death through prayer, guidance, counselling and education. 
                                                KMTC Nairobi Pro-Lifers 


In the traditional African setting, a visitor is a sign of blessings. January 12 – 13, 2017 is such a memorable moment for HLI Kenya – most particularly Priests’ Chapter.

What happened? We received three unique visitors – not just visitors but Pro-Life Missionaries thanks to the able co-ordination of HLI Kenya Director Rev. Fr. Prof. Raphael Wanjohi and HLI Kenya Board/Council. These were none other than Fr. Shenan J. Boquet (President, HLI) – from the US, Dr. Brian Clowes (HLI Research and Education Division) – from the US, and Mr. Emil Hagamu (President HLI Anglophone) – from Tanzania.

During this part of their Visit, the target was Priests’ Chapter. In attendance we nine clerics – six priests and three deacons – from five Catholic Dioceses: Embu, Kitale, Nairobi, Nakuru, and Nyeri. Significantly, present also was Mr. George Kegode (a lecturer at Moi University – Eldoret) who is the HLI Kenya Board/Council.

In their presentations, the Visitors employed the Pro-Life Pillar of education. They anchored themselves firmly on some Pro-Life principles. Education is in tandem with faith seeks understanding in the same measure as whatever hope we have as Prolifers needs to be articulated (cf. 1Pt 3:15). As “the future is in the hands of those who find powerful reasons to live and to hope” (Benedict XVI, Africae Munus, 63) so we are that future as Prolifers.

Proclaiming the value of human life and its inviolability is “a pressing appeal addressed to each and every person, in the name of God: respect, protect, love and serve life, every human life! (John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, 5).

They proclaimed an all-embracing joy that is at the heart of “with Christ joy is constantly born anew” (Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium, 1) – Christ whom we are called and charged to proclaim joyfully as Prolifers.

They also underscored the precious value of marriage and the family. That “the Church perceives in a more urgent and compelling way her mission of proclaiming to all people the plan of God for marriage and the family, ensuring their full vitality and human and Christian development, and thus contributing to the renewal of society and of the People of God” (John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio, 3).

The Missionaries of Life invited us to engage in a rejuvenated Pro-Life Movement “marked by enthusiasm and vitality” (Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium, 17). That we “stir into flame the gift[s] of God that” (2Tim 1:6) He has gifted us with benevolently. In a word, “that means: the Gospel is not merely a communication of things that can be known – it is one that makes things happen and is life-changing” (Benedict XVI, Spe Salvi, 2) as it is performative.                                    By Rev. Fr. P.Y. Kiprop-Mbaaga (Tangaza University College, Nairobi)

I want first to thank you all for your prayers! Dr. Brian Clowes and I have met up with HLI’s Anglophone Africa director Emil Hagamu and HLI Kenya Director Father Raphael Wanjohi in Nairobi. As usual, we hit the ground running, and have encamped in Karen just outside Nairobi, where we are staying with the Little Daughters of Saint Joseph. We’ve already begun our training meetings with priests and lay pro-life leaders, many of whom are part of Father Wanjohi’s extensive network of medical and business professional around Kenya. It’s an impressive group, to be sure.  Click to Read Fr Bouquet's Complete Comments
Like all nations, Kenya is in desperate need of more pro-life doctors, lawyers, teachers, and civic leaders. Men and women in these key professions have great influence on the future of our country.  Fr. Wanjohi
                                                             Human Life International Kenya will have a desk during the 2016 Nairobi International Trade Fair at Jamhuri Park, Nairobi, beginning 26 September - 2 October.

Nairobi International Trade Fair (NITF) is the largest Trade Fair in the East African Region. It is a seven day event that runs from late September to early October every year. NITF became a Trade Fair in 2002 and now offers opportunities for regional, continental and global exhibitors to display and demonstrate their services and products. It also offers show visitors an opportunity to meet people from different countries and backgrounds, hence creating a platform for interaction and exchanging of ideas and experiences. 


For the past several years, Human Life International Kenya has participated in the annual Nairobi International Trade Fair (NITF). This is one of HLI Kenya’s most important annual events as it provides an opportunity to reach a very large number of people with the pro-life message. HLI Kenya purchases an exhibitor booth where pro-lifers provide resources for the trade fair attendees and engage in discussions with as many people as possible on contraception, natural family planning, chastity, abortion and other life issues.

Fr. Wanjohi offers Mass for volunteers.

HLI Kenya Director Father Raphael Wanjohi has created a network of pro-life students, doctors, lawyers and other professionals who attend this event to engage attendees of the trade fair and answer their questions. Those who have never heard about the negative side effects of the pill, for instance, are able to speak directly with a pro-life doctor. Last week, HLI Kenya once again attended the NITF exposing many to lessons on building a Culture of Life for the first time.

In preparation for the week ahead, Fr. Wanjohi led a special Mass on Sunday for the exhibitor booth volunteers. His homily reminded the pro-life exhibitors of the importance of being true witnesses to the Gospel of Life in how they lead their lives. Fr. Wanjohi emphasized the calling to evangelize with the truth, and said volunteers should expect to be persecuted by the anti-life forces. Not everyone at the NITF would be friendly to the pro-life message.

On the first day of the trade fair, passersby were met with an array of images at the HLI Kenya booth promoting a Culture of Life and exposing the Culture of Death. The HLI Kenya booth attracted visitors through the banners, posters and brochures, then volunteers engaged to educate them on alternatives to contraception and abortion. One banner that always receives attention was prominently displayed: “The faithful condom user.” While the people of Kenya are told over and over again that the only way to stop the spread of AIDS is to wear condoms, this banner gets people talking about the high failure rate of condoms, and the real solutions to stopping AIDS.

HLI Kenya volunteer (left) speaking with trade fair attendee.

Another shocking reality for many attendees was information on the breast cancer risk to women from using the contraceptive pill. HLI Kenya offered scientific pamphlets and DVDs explaining this information, and other negative side effects of contraceptive use.

Day two saw twice the number of people visiting the HLI Kenya booth. Most of the guests were secondary school students, youths and a few parents. Parents asked specific questions on contraceptives and abortion. Some of them said that they came to the stand to gain knowledge and pick up brochures specifically to educate their children.

HLI Kenya volunteer (right) engages students on chastity.

Some students around the booth were able to hear a personal testimony from one of the trade fair attendees who came by on the importance of chastity and the harm of abortion. A young woman narrated a sad ordeal that befell her sister who had tried to abort her unborn child and ended up in a coma due to complications. She told the students that sex was only for married couples who had remained chaste in their youthful years. The day transformed the lives of many students who promised to lead chaste lives until marriage.

Overall, it was another successful event for HLI Kenya! Please pray for the continued growth of Fr. Wanjohi’s ministry so his network of pro-life professionals can reach out across Kenya to educate and train the public on building a Culture of Life.

I wonder how many have heard about the strange “condom controversy” underway in Kenya.
The noble efforts of Father Wanjohi and HLI Kenya are very much appreciated by my colleagues and I as we prepare to become priests serving the Church and greater community.

Read the letter of 
Rt. Rev. Paul Kariuki Njiru
Chairman, Catholic Health Commission of Kenya - KCCB
   Catholic Church Asserts the Sacredness of Human Life!



 “Human Life is Sacred-Let us protect it!” this was the underpinning theme during the peaceful procession on Saturday 11th October 2014 in the Kenyan Capital – Nairobi to advocate for the national respect for human life. The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops, Kenya Christian Professional’s Forum, the National Family Life Program (NFLP) and Human Life International-Kenya extended their off-field activisms on life to stage a fascinating event that was fully backed up and secured by the Kenya Police and Nairobi County Security Officers.

 The HLI-Kenya’s group of professionals modelled and took charge of the walk that was flagged off by the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Meru who is the Chair of NFLP. The procession snaked through the busy and strategic streets of East and Central Africa’s largest City; a reminiscent of the famous “Match for Life” held in March 2014. More than 400 Christians, Religious Congregations, Priests, Seminarians, HLI Kenya Professionals, University and College students, children in branded T/shirts and holding banners and placards participated in this proactive event; staged to counter the antilife mentalities clogging the media and reminding Kenyans on the inviolability of life.

 Messages on the miracle of human life, abortion, effects of contraceptives, alcoholism and drug abuse, human trafficking of children, reproductive health, controversial tetanus immunization were presented at each stopping point as planned. Sustenance of such networks of national prolific events and other life forums only assures a human population empowered to protect human life!

 To Read the Bishops' Press Statement
 To Read THE STANDARD newspaper article


Natural Family Planning Clinic Opens 
in the Municipality of Nyeri.
The event took place on 14 November 2011.
It is open to people of all denominations.
Click  to read the press report of the Daily Nation
November 16th

                                                                                     HLI-KENYA PRO-LIFE COUNCIL






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